The leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti said the special prosecutor will be selected on Tuesday, as agreed upon according to the Przino Agreement, and his suggested that the special prosecutor have eight deputy prosecutors in his team, and three of them ought to be Albanians, Ahmeti said in an interview with the newspaper “Koha”.

“On the first day we expressed our readiness to present potential candidates for this important position and officially we have already done so, regardless of the final solution which should be reached by consensus between the four political parties and the international community”, said Mr Ahmeti on “Alsat M “.

As for the ‘Magyar Telekom’ corruption case in which he and his closest associates are mentioned, Ahmeti says it is slander which is aimed to harm DUI ahead of elections next year.

“This is an intense campaign of various accusation and slander of myself and DUI which comes from of a member of the secret services convicted of fraud, who is trying to involve me and my associates in non-existent events from 10 years ago. I assure you that all these derogatory accusations are part of a smear campaign. Unfortunately, people will continue to terrorize us with such news until the end of elections next year”,  said Ahmeti.