By disregarding basic democratic principles, it is clear that the elections will not better democracy in the county, but it will be the burial of the remains of what was once a democratic state, says Belgian expert and former facilitator in the negotiations in the Przino Agreement, Peter Vanhoutte in a post published on his Facebook profile.

In his post, he discusses the latest developments of the political scene in the country after the withdrawal and the resignation of the ministers from the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) from government.

Vanhoutte says that in such a situation where the Prime Minister does not react, and his role is the assumed leader of the largest party “this is not something normal for a democratic state.”

“Imagine a government, and one of its coalition partners resigning. The Prime Minister remains silent. The President of the party says: “They can fill open seats when they want … Conclusion: A Government without DUI is a government without a majority. What would happen in a normal democratic system? The Prime Minister would give a public statement admitting that there is a political crisis. Then the Prime Minister requests a vote of confidence to see if a majority in parliament still supports the Government. The fact that the Prime Minister did not respond at all, it is not normal for a democratic state, because the crisis is his primary responsibility. The President of the party assumes his role ‘de facto’, and this is very worrying and proves that the party is running the country, not the Government.The principle of separation of party and state are not respected, ” Vanhoutte writes.

Yesterday, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski stated that according to his information, DUI is not leaving Government, but is replacing its ministers and staff.

Artan Grubi’s reaction, the Chief of Office of DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, was on his Facebook profile, where he wrote that “the decision on the next steps of the Democratic Union for Integration after the withdrawal of its ministers and deputy ministers is exclusively in the hands of President Ali Ahmeti. ”

Three days after DUI’s decision, the EU still have not reacted, as well as the Embassies of the countries involved in resoling the political crisis in the country.