The Ministry of Local Self-Government and the World Macedonian Congress (WMC) have filed initiatives to the Constitutional Court seeking the abolishment of two articles of the Law on Local Self-Government and the Electoral Code, which would allow Mayors and councilors to keep their jobs until local elections are held, reports “Sitel“.

Under the current Electoral Code, local elections were meant to be held in the first half of May this year, but due to the political crisis and the blockade of Parliament, all the constitutional and legal deadlines have passed for their issuance.

The President of the WMC, Todor Petrov, says this step was decided “in the interest of the citizens.”

“In the initiative filed to the Constitutional Court on April the 4th, we requested the abolishment of Article 35, paragraph 1 of the Law on Local Self-Government, which dictates that members of the municipal councils can be elected in the time of four years”, said Petrov.

He says his initiative provides mandates to municipal officials to continue working until the end of this year, by the time local elections are organized.

The Constitutional Court confirmed that they received both initiatives, however, they did not specify when they will appear in a session of the court.