Red Cross appeals for aid for the victims of the floods

Torrential rainfall and increased water level of the rivers in the country caused flooding of villages and fertile areas in several regions of the country. Floods caused material damage, which directly affected the population, for which the competent authorities immediately took appropriate measures to mitigate the consequences of the floods, reads the statement of the Red Cross of Macedonia.

“In accordance with its capabilities, the Red Cross immediately took part in mitigating the effects of floods and food aid, hygiene products, blankets, mattresses and bottled drinking water was provided for the most affected families. At this point, there is a need to provide additional quantities of drinking water for the population in Strumica, Cheshinovo-Obleshevo, Shtip, as well as in other areas, where, due to the overflow of rivers, the water is not drinkable. In accordance with the assessment, aid of drinking water and hygiene products (disinfectants) is currently needed. Companies can present the aid in Skopje, in the warehouse of the Red Cross in Momin potok with an address street Momin potok bb (Contact number: 3114-355). Interested legal entities and citizens can additionally help by providing financial assistance, donating through a bank account of Solidarity Fund 300000001327966, DB 4030984271620 – Komercijalna Bank, and by donating 100 denars by calling the telephone lines: 075/070/077 143 400.
The humanitarian action starts from 3rd of February 2015 and will last until 15th of February. The public will be timely and adequately informed of the course and the results of the action.
Macedonian Red Cross refers gratitude to the people for their interest and willingness to engage in mitigating the consequences of the floods. Macedonian Red Cross will further inform the eventual need for citizen involvement to provide specific financial assistance,” reads the appeal of the Red Cross.