Analysis of NGO Info-center: MRT – propaganda machinery of the Government


Within the program for continuous monitoring of the media and in cooperation with the Center for Media Development, NGO Info-center prepared an analysis of the public broadcasting service for Kezharovski’s case, for the strike of SONK and the criminal charges against SDSM leader Zoran Zaev.

“In the period from 15th to 21st of January 2015, Kezharovski’s case and strike of SONK were monitored, while on 31st of January was monitored the report of MRT for criminal charges against the leader of the opposition SDSM, Zoran Zaev. Macedonian Radio-television, fully and continuously, fails in its role as a public broadcasting service of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. Neither in Kezharovski’s case, nor in the case of the strike of SONK, nor in the case of criminal charges against Zaev, did MRT represent the public interest, but acts as the propaganda machine of the Government and as a direct actor and instrument of government propaganda. Unlike the reporting on Kezharovski’s case, the reporting of MRT on the strike of SONK was thoroughly and daily. But, as in Kezharovski’s case, the public service reports on the strike extremely unilaterally, manipulatively and propagandistically. Editors and journalists in the informative program of MRT1 act in the role of direct participants and arbitrators who support the position of the Government and in every way trying to convince the public that the strike is harmful, that it is just for the personal benefit of union leaders and that it doesn’t have the wide support of teachers,” reads the analysis.

Regarding the latest developments on the criminal charges for SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, the analysis states that all announcements, news articles and information that were published in “Dnevnik 2” on MRT were shaped – on the one hand, to construct image of Zaev as a traitor who, without any doubt, wanted to make a coup and forceful takeover of power, and on the other hand, to present the Prime Minister as a “hero” who prevented coup attempt and who does not succumb to any pressure and blackmail.

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