“Civil” condemns the procedure of making legislative changes that enable the use of rubber bullets and other light weapons against protesters. Given that these legislative measures are taken at a time when thousands citizens demonstrate on the streets against violations of human rights and against the suspension of the rule of law and democracy, the NGO understand this as a threat by the Government against citizens who want to exercise their constitutional right to protest.

– The message is clear – we will now shoot at you if you occupy faculties, if you block the streets, if demonstrate against us. However, the processes started in Macedonia cannot be prevented by any rubber bullets, nor any violent measures. Let them shoot! – stated President of “Civil” Xhabir Derala.

“Rubber bullets are a weapon that democratic governments in the world have long left behind, and United Nations repeatedly suspended their use. There is also a process for an international ban on rubber bullets. Although considered nonfatal, rubber bullets kill, wound or leave lasting effects. No less dangerous are shock bombs and electrical paralyzers that are included in the law passed by the Assembly with 59 votes for and in the absence of opposition. Therefore, we ask the law that allows shooting at protesters with these arms to be immediately withdrawn!” reads the statement from “Civil”.