Bitola advocates for clean air of the association “We are concerned” demand parliamentary debate on air pollution in the country. In the request submitted to Speaker of the Assembly Trajko Veljanoski, coordinators of the parliamentary groups and the Committee on Environment, they demand discussion about the impact of thermal power plants on the environment in the country.

– The request was sent before New Year and we still haven’t received a response from Veljanoski on whether he would open a debate on this sensitive issue that affects us all. Now, however, we reminded him because our health and our quality of life depend on what kind of environment we live in – says Goran Pinza of “We are concerned.”

The association appeals to accelerate project promised by the Government for heating the three Pelagonija municipalities – Bitola, Novaci and Mogila – by REK Bitola, which would reduce air pollution in the city.

The association once again reminds the municipality that it publicly promised analysis of the air in the city and that the justification for failed tenders will not be accepted until Bitola citizens do not get a clear answer to the question which are the major air pollutants in the city.