Извор на фотографија: Влада на РСМ

New measures for promoting the concept of dual education, according to the needs of the companies and with support from the Institute for Business and Management Heidelberg – Skopje for the introduction of a German model of education in the country were announced by the Director of the Technological Industrial Development Zones – TIDZ, Jovan Despotovski.

At the opening of the panel “The German Dual Education And the Connection With the Business Sector” as part of the Balkan Business Week organized by the Institute, Despotovski stated that with TIDZ’s new concept of working, with targeted measures and programs, this country will follow on the concept of dual education.

“These measures will bring not only stable jobs, but also higher wages for our people, especially the young, which, I believe, will be a clear motive for them to remain in the country and to build their future,” said Despotovski.

He also expressed support for Heidelberg Institute’s initiative for opening a German gymnasium in Skopje.

“I expect it will grow into a new educational institution that will serve as an additional connection between Macedonian educational system and the needs of the companies working at TIDZ for the job posts they see as necessary,” stressed Despotovski.

He reminded that TIDZ is already providing 14,000 jobs in Macedonia and at the moment, according to current agreements, additional 7,500 jobs are planned to be opened.