The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) is raising criminal charges against the mayor of Saraj – Blerim Bexheti for the construction of the illegal platform at Matka Lake. At today’s session, SCPC opened cases for the illegal construction of the pizza restaurant near the Chinarot (the centuries old oak tree) in Ohrid. This restaurant is owned by a BDI representative in the Council of the municipality of Ohrid, Nefi Useini. SCPC is investigating the public procurement of the radar system for air traffic management and the role of the Secretary General of the Government, Dragi Rashkovski in the case.

SCPC unanimously decided to start the procedure for the criminal responsibility against Bexheti. This happened after SCPC worked for several months on the case. After insight into all the documents concerning the case, the anti-corruptionists determined that mayor Bexheti had the legal responsibility to decline the requests for legalization of the platform in the protected area of the canyon Matka. Instead, he kept all the cases hidden.

The president of SCPC Biljana Ivanovska points out that according to article 22 from the Law for Local Self Governance, the “mayor is obliged to make decisions on administrative disputes, and to take care of the environment”, which in this case was not done.

In the municipality this case was determined by the decision of an unauthorized individual. Bexheti did not act according to the report from the State Construction Inspectorate, which requested demolition. Nothing changed even after the reaction from the Cultural Heritage Protection Office.

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption opened a case for the illegal construction of the pizza restaurant of the owner Nefi Useini in Ohrid, and the conclusions concerning the case will be handed over to the Municipality of Ohrid.

SCPC has so far reacted to the fact that Useini’s company is taking part in the bidding for the demolition of illegally constructed buildings in Ohrid.

Besides being subject of investigation by the SCPC, Useini is also of interest for the Ministry of Interior. He is suspected to have attacked Professor Iljaz Iljazi on July 29 over a dispute of the illegal connection of the water supply network.

Yet in June the Council of the Municipality Ohrid stopped its 28th session because Useni used physical force against his colleague from BESA Xhemal Mena.