Macedonian drivers’ interest in the new electronic toll collection system is on the rise. 5,870 e-cards and tags (Mtag and Mcard) have been sold in just one month, which enables easy and quick payment of toll on the ramps along Corridor 10.

“Passengers who have already purchased electronic devices are more than satisfied explaining that the implemented system works great,” stated Marko Brezoski, head of the Toll Collection Unit at the Public Enterprise for State Roads, for

There is a separate lane on all toll booths along Corridor 10 for drivers who already possess electronic device for toll collection, where they can pay electronically and not wait in queue with other vehicles. As the number of sold electronic devices increases, the Public Enterprise for State Roads in the future will allocate more lanes on the toll booths for drivers with tags and electronic cards.

Beside the crossing speed of the toll booths, drives have the opportunity to enjoy a toll discount (2 to 7%) every time they refill their electronic device. The electronic card can be purchased for 100 denars, while the tag costs 1,200 denars. These devices can be purchased at the toll ramps along Corridor 10 or at the PE State Roads Control Center in Petrovec.

The two devices work differently. Drivers that own electronic cards should put the card near the reader located on the toll booth, and the ramp will open automatically. On the other hand, drivers that own tags should attach this device on the front windshield of the vehicle. When the vehicle approaches the toll booth with a reduced speed, the tag date is automatically read and the vehicle passes without stopping.

The Public Enterprise for Public Roads expects the introduction of the electronic toll collection system on the toll booths on Corridor 8 to start this fall. Along with them, 3 new tolls on the highways Miladinovci – Stip and Kicevo – Ohrid are envisaged to be built. Bidding is currently underway in the international tender for the realization of this project.