The pandemic imposed new rules to which we will have to adjust to. This requires the protection of public health, but also learning at the same time. We offered a combined teaching system and in order to make it successful we are working on an online platform that will be presented soon, said new North Macedonia’s Minister for Education Mila Carovska during today’s press conference. She was joined by Health Minister Venko Filipche, who also addressed the attendees during the press conference.

– Physical attendance will be allowed at every school that meets the health safety conditions and that will depend as well on the epidemiological situation in the given area. The school will have to organize distance learning for the pupils from the first to the third grade whose parents have confirmed that they will be learning from home. The teacher, during the class, can also include those pupils who are at home. Or she/he can record the class and send it to those who are learning from home. Or the teacher can hold class only for those pupils who attend class from a distance. The class will last 30 min in primary schools and 35 minutes in secondary schools – said Minister Carovska.

She explained that the small recess will last 5 minutes while the big recess will be 15 minutes. At the moment, the Bureau for Education Development is making a plan about ways of testing pupils’ knowledge.

-For this goal, the pupils will have to be present at school. An exception are teachers with chronic diseases who will have to file a request to the school’s principal for online teaching from their homes. If the school has no good Internet connection, the teaching can be done from their homes. For pupils who have no computers, the school is organizing learning with a physical presence. Still, if the parent doesn’t agree that his child should attend school, in that case, the school is printing materials that the parents will have to take over-explained Minister Carovska.

The teaching process for high school students will be combined with physical attendance and distance learning.