North Macedonia’s Government with a decision for re-opening of the kindergartens on 9th of September

Извор на фотографија: Влада на РСМ

The government of North of Macedonia in the meeting yesterday adopted the Information on the re-opening of the institutions for care and education of children – kindergartens/Early child development centres, which is planned for 9th of September, the Government’s Press Office informs. In the next period, the kindergartens around the country will have to prepare for work.

“The government recommends that all of the units of local self-government, which are the founders of public institutions for the care and upbringing of children, to provide an additional space or adapt proper space to meet the needs of the kindergarten, if the kindergarten has to care for children in accordance with the Protocol for the activities for care and upbringing of children, as well as to ensure the necessary appropriate personnel for the time period during the COVID-19 epidemic,” reads the press release of the Government of North Macedonia.

Due to the risk of the spread of the coronavirus, the Government on 11th of March closed all kindergartens, schools and universities across the country. The kindergartens will be the first to re-open this fall, while for the primary and high schools it was already decided that they will start with combined teaching on 1st of October. In those schools where there are conditions for realization of regular teaching in accordance with the measures for the protection from COVID-19, the students will begin with classroom attendance on the first day of October, while for the rest, there will be online teaching.