Фото: Арбнора Мемети

Intensive greenification and change of the means of heating the institutions and homes, as one of the urgent responses to air pollution; then, appropriate waste treatment and new transport policies with a stress on subventions for ecological vehicles and bikes, are some of the Government’s main environmental goals in its program for the period 2020-2024.

The historical problematic hotspots, such as forme OHIS chemical industry complex and the landfill of Radusha mine will be of top priority and in the future, no resources exploitation will be allowed without a plan for waste management. In the program’s part that refers to the environment, which is one of the new program’s six pillars, the Government plans to introduce a ban on building mini hydropower plants in protected areas and national parks.

The control and the decrease of pollution remain one of the basic goals for the new government that will have to be achieved by using eco-friendly fuels and renewable sources of energy. By the end of its mandate, the new government promises, none of the state institutions will use old and non-ecological heating systems. All of the institutions will have to be transferred to central heating, gas, inverter air conditioning, or heat pumps.

During the first two years, five million EUR will be invested in the energy efficiency of public buildings in order to lower the spending and pollution. Among the more ambitious ideas is the announcement that by the year 2024, over 50% of the complete installed electric power will arrive from renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic power stations and wind farms were announced to be built in Bogdanci and Miravci, as well as biogas power plants.