The National Network for fighting homophobia and transphobia has called upon Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to publicly apologize for the given statements regarding the LGBT community. Yesterday’s statement for the media by the Prime Minister that was followed by a post on Twitter that when he used the word “faggot” he meant a personal trait rather than sexual orientation which is even more insulting for the LGBT community.

In order to salvage the caused damage, the National Network have called upon Prime Minister Zaev not only to apologize publicly but they demand that he even more seriously and fervently to fight to promote members of the LGBT community’s rights.

The problem that we are facing with are numerous and these statements from the country’s leaders do not help their solution” states the statement issued by The National Network for fighting homophobia and transphobia. Despite the key steps that were taken in a positive direction in the past period, the LGBT community state the current missteps by the current government including the fact that MOI still can’t differentiate a hate crime, the unsolved case of the homophobic attacks on the LGBT center and the refusal by the Office for management of registers of births, marriages and deaths to implement the verdict of the European Court for Human Rights for the documents to be changed as a transgender man.

The LGBT’s community’s reacting arrives as a reaction to prime minister Zoran Zaev’s statement when he was commenting on the Ransom case, he stated that he won’t allow “several criminals, a vain journalist and a faggot” to tear down the government.