This morning, in the center of Skopje, a number of new plaques were placed on the monuments of Alexander the Great, Philip II and Olympia. The plaques notify that these historical figures belong to the antic Hellenic history and civilization as well as to the world heritage. Also, the removal of the Sun from Vergina at various locations, public buildings, and monuments in Skopje is nearing its completion.

This act on part of the Macedonian authorities is a result of the Prespa Agreement, which contains an article that refers to the symbols and the historical figures that are part of the heritage of the two neighboring countries. Article 8, paragraph 2 states the following:

“In a period of 6 months as soon as this Agreement becomes effective, the Second party will change the status with the monuments, the public buildings, and the infrastructure on its territory and if these in any way refer to the antique Hellenic history and civilization, which represents an accompanying part of the historical or cultural heritage of the First Party, it shall take corrective actions in order to analyze the issue and to honor this heritage”

Despite the many issues regarding the legality of the procedures behind their building, for which the Ministry of Culture formed a special committee, the Macedonian government, previously announced that it has no intention to tear down the “Warrior on a Horse” and the other monuments from the Skopje 2014 project. The former government spokesperson Mile Boshnjakovski stressed that by placing the plaques on the monuments with the insignia will explain that these are symbols that belong to the Greek culture.