Litany in Belgrade with Night Wolves motorcade and posters of Putin against the EuroPride event in September


A “Litany for the salvation of Serbia” was held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on Sunday, the 28th of August 2022, with the participants carrying church icons and photographs of Vladimir Putin. The walk was led by the motorcade of the Night Wolves motorcycle club and it was organized to protest the EuroPride (LGBTI manifestation) that was scheduled for September, N1 TV reported.

Nikanor of Banat, a bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church, addressed the people who took part in the litany, citing Putin’s behavior toward the gay population. He called Putin “today’s Tsar of Planet Earth” who has made a firm stance against the “anomalies” which have arisen in Serbia. Nikanor said that, “they shouldn’t even be discussed, let alone allowed to appear.” After saying the prayers, the participants walked across the streets of Belgrade and headed toward Saint Sava Orthodox Cathedral.

This gathering in Belgrade took place despite announcements by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and Ana Brnabić, the mandatee for the future government of Serbia, that the EuroPride will be canceled or postponed.

Brnabić said that the state doesn’t want to violate anyone’s rights guaranteed by the constitution, however, the big question was what will the consequences for Serbia be from staging the EuroPride, informs N1 .

“It is more of a plea than an order: “Don’t walk.” It is in accordance with the constitution, but another issue is what will be the consequences for our country. The subject is what is possible at this moment and how to preserve our stability. I’m sorry for the situation, but for us this September is like a “perfect storm.” There is a foreign factor which is very happy because of this situation,” said Brnabić.

The EuroPride in Belgrade was scheduled for the period from the 12th until the 18th of September. The decision for organizing this year’s event in Belgrade was made in September 2019. Thousands of people from the whole of Europe are expected to arrive in the Serbian capital to take part in the event.

The president of the European Pride Organisers Association, Kristine Garina, said that President Aleksandar Vučić and Serbian authorities cannot cancel an event that is not theirs. She said that neither Belgrade Pride, nor their association, will cancel the EuroPride in Belgrade, informs N1.

Garina also stated that the right to organize the Pride is a basic human right and its ban represents a violation of Articles 11,13, and 14 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which Serbia has ratified.

“What the Serbian authorities have to do is to firmly oppose the thugs and to protect the event,” said Kristine Garina who also said that the EuroPride didn’t receive any funding from the Serbian government and will bring millions in income for the Serbian economy and will show that Serbia is a progressive and hospitable European country.

Otherwise, the BBC service in Serbian language informs that the people who took part in yesterday’s litany have announced they will gather in Belgrade again on the 17th of Septembe,r when the Pride Parade is scheduled. For some of the members of radical groups that are opposing the EuroPride, even President Vučić said that some of their members were sentenced for domestic violence or drugs trafficking.

In Serbia, thef hate speech toward the LGBT people has been fired up for days before the EuroPride event in Belgrade. In the capital, two weeks ago, another protest took place which was supported by some radical right-wing parties in Serbia.

Meanwhile, the social networks are full of misinformation and disinformation one became viral about the so-called Serbian mother that has returned from Germany. In a video message, she addressed the Serbian people with information that she was fined for refusing to dress her son in female clothes. The highest representatives of Aleksandar Vučić’s party refuted that this is disinformation and that the woman speaking is Russian and is an employee at the Russian Humanitarian Center in Nish, informs the Danas daily newspaper.

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