The Government expects citizens to become inspectors for VAT refunds


The Government expects citizens to behave as inspectors after the 1st of July following the Law on refund of VAT for individuals. In the explanation it is stated that the decrease of tax evasion is the main reason for implementing this law.

“With the implementation of the Law in refund of VAT for individuals, they will have the right of receiving back part of the payed value added tax, whereby they themselves, in a way, will be inspectors, that is, will demand fiscal receipts.

The government expects, if citizens use all their fiscal receipts, a return of about 50 million euros annually.

Key points from the Law:

  • The right of tax-refund refers to the value added tax shown in the fiscal receipts for purchased goods or used services, issued in accordance to the Law for registering cash payments.
  • The right to tax-refund can be realized only once for the same fiscal bill, in other words, that right cannot be realized for a fiscal receipt that has already been submitted in accordance to article 6 from this Law.
  • Tax refund can be realized in the amount of 15% of the value added tax stated in a single fiscal bill.
  • The right of tax-refund is realized for every calendar quarter in which the fiscal receipt was issued.
  • The highest base for calculating the tax to be returned, for one calendar trimester, is the stated value added tax in fiscal receipts, in the amount of 12.000 denars.

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