The government doesn’t know the costs of the implementation of the Law on languages


At the moment, the government doesn’t have a definite answer about the financial implications that the implementation of the Law on use of languages will cause, said government’s spokesperson, Muhamed Hodza at today’s press conference. He stressed that last year 100 million denars were given for this purpose.

-After the Law on use of languages was published in the Official Gazette, all institutions are obliged to create conditions for putting the Law in practice every day. Each institution shouldmake an analysis of its capacities and depending on that analysis, it will have to take the necessary steps that will contribute towards the improvement of the capacities and the human resources regarding the implementation of the Law on languages. The law predicts the creation of an inspectorate that will monitor the fulfillment of the Law by all institutions. At this moment we have no exact sum about the financial implications i.e. how much this will cost Macedonia, but for last year’s budget there were 100 million denars provided for the implementation of this Law in practice – Hodza said.

When asked how does the government plan to implement this Law in the municipalities and institutions where there aren’t any Albanian employees, Hodza said that the Law is mandatory for every institution.

-For those institutions that aren’t putting the language into practice in accordance with the Law on languages that has now entered into force, certain fines are planned – Hodza said.

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