The average salary needs 100 euros more in order to reach the promised average salary of 500 euros


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev proclaimed the year 2019 to be the year of the economy and he stressed that an average salary of 500 euros is a limit that is achievable, but among the general public, there is a dilemma whether there is a real possibility of reaching this amount.

According to the latest data provided by the State Statistical Office, the average net salary per employee in April 2019 is 24.785 denars or 403 euros, which is an increase of 0.3% compared to the same month in the previous year.

The calculation shows that the government i.e. Prime Minister Zoran Zaev should find a way to increase the average salary for almost 100 eur by the end of the year which is a big chunk if the current salaries are taken into account.

The average salary in the first three months from the previous year was 23.624 denars and by the end of the last year 25.048 denars, which is an annual increase of 1.424 denars or around 23 euros.

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During his discussion at the Parliament about the government reshuffle regarding the increase of the salaries, he announced certain measures in order to freeze the social and pension care payments for all workers and substitution of 90% for each rise of the salaries in the domain of the social and pension care payments.

– A large part of the citizens receive a 20.000 net salary, another 6.000 or 9.000 denars in cash. Why do bosses do that? In order not to pay for social and pension care. They pay personal taxes, they pay tax to gains and give cash salaries to workers. In this case, I will take a step to substitute the benefits payments only in one case, in order to stabilize the Pension Fund. In order to raise the pensions by 1000 denars, for eg., this is the step we should do. – said Zaev.

He also announced an increase in the salaries in public health and administration.

Тој најави и зголемување на платите во здравството и администрцијата.

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