The Alliance of the Albanians will not leave the Government, confirms Sela


The Alliance of the Albanians will not leave the Government, said the party’s leader, Zijadin Sela during an interview at the “Top-tema na vasha strana” TV show screened at Telma TV. He described the information where the party is allegedly leaving the government as speculation and political marketing on part of DUI in order to frighten the voters.

-We, as coalition partners, still haven’t had a debate on this issue – said the leader of the Alliance of the Albanians.

Sela, who is a candidate for a mayor of Struga, said that SDSM’s party leader and Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev, is making political mistakes with the Albanians by helping DUI in the second round of local elections, and he reminded Zaev’s statements that he gave before the parliamentary elections what were related to the bombs, where he has pointed at DUI’s officials about previous’ government’s criminal activities.

-SDSM’s policy isn’t consistent. Zaev has to explain the turnover of the political activities towards DUI. It is unlikely that he would receive the same support from the Albanians as previously – said Sela, who also said that Zaev’s political behavior during the local elections and the support provided for DUI is understandable, but that Zaev’s behavior as a human is not right.

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