TE-TO will provide central heating for Skopje using imported gas from Serbia, the produced electricity to be sold to Belgrade


North Macedonia and Serbia are negotiating a contract for gas distribution to North Macedonia, so that the combined electric power plant TE-TO in Skopje can continue working without delays.

During a press conference, the Republic of North Macedonia Government’s Advisor for Energetics sector, Viktor Andonov informed that there are talks with our northern neighbor for import of the needed quantities of natural gas for TE-TO’s operations, as well as the other central heating plants in Skopje during the season. The natural gas would be transported through Bulgaria, which is the sole Balkan country NMacedonia has a gas pipeline interconnection with.

Andonov stated that 10 days ago, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić had already spoken publicly about this solution, which envisages that part of the electricity TE-TO will produce will be sent to Serbia, a country that in this period is trying to get additional quantities of electricity. This way, TE-TO will be using natural gas during this heating season using natural gas acquired through Serbia, while the people of Skopje that are using central heating will have heat in their homes without any delays.

Government’s Advisor stated that the correct information about the price for the gas from Serbia and the the price of the electricity that will be sold to our northern neighbor, will be publicized publicly as soon as the agreement is concluded.

Andonov said that for normal functioning of the central heating system in Skopje during the forthcoming heating season will require around 230 million cubic meters of gas. However, if an agreement isn’t reached with Serbia for the purchase of the needed gas, there is an option for bying gas from Turkey, and a final option can be the use of mazut for Skopje’s heating plants.

Advisor Andonov also said that the citizens of Skopje will not be left without central heating and electricity, and one of the options that the government has analyzed is the purchase of an electric power plant that runs on diesel for the production of electricity. The installation of this of power plant can be done quickly and the Electricity Company of North Macedonia was tasked to conduct the analyses and present the options for such purchase. The public will additionally be informed on this, as well.

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