North Macedonia’s institutions had been saving electricity in September, but not all of them managed to cut consumption by 15%


The state institutions of North Macedonia in September managed to save electricity by 20% compared to the same month of the last year. However, not all state institutions, public enterprises and municipalities has seriously understood the need to save electricity and the plan “Saving electricity for safer winter,” although the government in August warned there will be sanctions for those managing the institutions. The sanctions are promulgated in a special Decision of the government.

The data that was published on Tuesday by the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi provide a glimpse into how in September 2022 had been spent by the ministries, their regional offices, the government, the courts, the parliament as well as the Cabinet of the President of North Macedonia, but also the state power and power distribution companies, ELEM and MEPSO.

The Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning has put the most effort into saving electricity, and it cut the consumption to 75% of what was consumed in September 2021. Contrary to this, the Ministry of Local Self-government had an electricity bill in September 2022 which was 79% bigger compared to the same month in 2021.

The obligation to cut the electricity comsumption by at least 15% during September this yeas wasn’t met by the Ministry of Defence also, which was able to save only 6% compared to the last year. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was able to save 8%; the Ministry of Health 9%; MEPSO and the Ministry of Interior saved 10%; the Ministry of Education and Science 11%, and the Ministry of Justice saved 12%.

“I want to appeal to everyone that the situation in the energy sector, not only in Macedonia but throughout Europe, is not a joke. Every degree lower for heating, means saving around 5% of the energy. The heating season has started and all of us will have to focus and find ways to do this in the forthcoming period. One small change in everyday habits can make a big difference in the management of the energy crisis,” Minister Bekteshi said.

He pinpointed that the Government itself during September 2022, compared to September 2021, was able to cut the consumption by 27%. Major energy savings by the ministries are the one by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which was able to save 43%, and ELEM, 41%. The Parliament was able to save 29% in September this year compared to September 2021, while the courts were able to save 35% in September 2022 compared to September 2022. The cabinet of the President was able to save 17% compared to September 2021.

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