The Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski, and the prime suspect in the “Transporter” case, today at 12:00, was brought to the offices of the Special Prosecution with a police escort, where he is to give a statement regarding his role in the students transportation scandal in Bitola to the SPO, who are leading the investigation.

Taleski was accompanied by his lawyer, Nikola Dodovski and did not want to give a public statement. Ignoring journalists’ questions, such as whether he felt guilty, he entered the building quietly with his lawyer.

At the moment, it is unknown how long they will question Taleski, however, according to our sources, his testimony and the SPO’s attitude will play a large role on whether the measure of house arrest will be extended, as it expires tomorrow.

The Special Public Prosecution are charging Vladimir Taleski and another 22 people in the “Transporter” case, for abuse of position and abuse of the transportation for students in Bitola, where it is believed a hefty 360,000 euros were embezzled.