The Mayor of Bitola Vladimir Taleski,  the prime suspect in the “Transporter” case, who is under house arrest, is threatening to sue journalist Sime Alushevski from Bitola, who is the publisher of the newspaper “Ego”. The Secretary of the Municipality of Bitola, Slobodan Bonchanovski, who is also a suspect in the same case and served a month under house arrest has joined Taleski in his threats to sue the journalist.

On Saturday, Mayor Taleski and Secretary Bonchanovski sent a “request for a public apology and the withdrawal of the slanderous and offensive statements,” which allegedly Alushevski wrote in an article entitled “The Transporter” published on April 28 of this year.

They have demanded that an apology is made within 48 hours, otherwise, a lawsuit will follow in accordance with the Law on Civil Liability for Slander and Defamation.

taleski baranje za izvinuvanje boncanovski baranje za izvinuvanje