We are talking about an imposed process, and you can not base an entire political smear campaign from one recording, stated the Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski after he left the Special Prosecution’s Office (SPO) after he was questioned today regarding the “Transporter” case.

As for the tender for school transport in Bitola, Taleski said that his conduct was transparent and that it will be proven.

When asked about reports that while being under house arrest he is managing the Municipality, the Mayor of Bitola replied: “I have to respect the decision made by the prosecution”.

Taleski was questioned for two and a half hours. He arrived at the SPO precisely at 12:00 with a police escort, but without handcuffs. Also present during his questioning was his lawyer, Nikola Dodovski.

The Mayor’s testimony will play a huge part in the SPO’s decision, as to whether they request an extension of his house arrest which expires tomorrow.

The Special Public Prosecution are charging Vladimir Taleski and another 22 people in the “Transporter” case, for abuse of position and abuse of the transportation for students in Bitola, where it is believed a hefty 360,000 euros were embezzled.