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NMacedonia’s President on Decisive Strike exercise at Krivolak military range: We passed the first test!

The highest officials of North Macedonia, led by President Stevo Pendarovski as the Army's Supreme Commander, together with government ministers, MPs, foreign ambassadors ,attended the Distinguished Guests Day yesterday at the Krivolak Military Range, as part of the Decisive Strike military exercise. During the event the distinguished guests could see demonstrations of offensive operations and activities of the infantry and...

COVID-center set up at Krivolak military range before the start of “Decisive Strike” military drill

At Krivolak military range in North Macedonia, a COVID center was set, as a prevention facility for the forthcoming military drill "Decisive Strike" which will take place in May and June. The range is being prepared by ARM's engineers and the US Army's 15th Engineering Battalion, which arrived last month. "The members of the US Army's 15th Engineering Battalion...

The аrmies of North Macedonia and USA prepare the Krivolak Military Range for the “Decisive Strike 21” spring drill

Фото: Министерство за одбрана
An ambitious plan for the development of the Krivolak Military Range in North Macedonia, in cooperation with the USA was announced yesterday by the Macedonian Defense Minister Radmila Shekerinska - Jankovska, who visited the military training range in the center of the country, together with the US Ambassador Kate Byrnes. Macedonian and US engineering units will start with intense preparations...