The US State Department estimates that the Przhino Agreement is the best way out of the political crisis in Macedonia and urged political parties to continue the implementation of the agreement.

“We encourage Macedonia’s leader to build on the progress that they’ve already made in implementing the July 15political agreement, which represents the best way forward out of the crisis and onto a path to credible elections in April of next year, 2016.” said State Department spokesman John Kirby, adding that the parties broke deadlines for reaching an agreement on the law for the government to protect whistle-blowers and to protect privacy.

Kirby said Macedonian leaders last month made an important step with the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, but it is necessary to provide the required resources and personnel to fulfil the mandate.

“The political parties should not seek to influence or constrain that work”, said Kirby in regards to the Special Prosecutor.

The State Department also expressed hope that the working groups of the political parties will continue talks and  all sides will put the interests of the country first, reaffirming their commitment to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration.