Spasovski: Vetting of each employee at MoI – from the cleaner to the minister


An enormous process of vetting at the Ministry of Interior is planned to start next year, for which a legal framework will be prepared, and we want to include the general public in this process, said the Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski at today’s briefing with journalists. He stressed that a part of the employees at MoI was already informed about the process.

-The idea is an introduction of true standards and finally an end to be put to many irregularities to which all of us are witnesses. We shall prepare a legal framework and in this process, we shall include the experts and the journalists, as representatives of the public, in order to gain a true solution for the control – said Spasovski, who stressed that the legal solution shall be prepared, apart from the domestic public, also with part of the international community.

He stressed that the idea of the vetting is to check the personal files of the employees at the police – from the cleaner to the minister – the process will inspect whether the employee truly has an appropriate education, the ways he was employed at MoI, how he advanced to the current job position, the personal property will be monitored and it will be inspected how many violations he has done and whether someone is at the same time a police officer and an owner of a pub or a truck.

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