Baily: I am deeply upset about false rumors that the US is influencing the Macedonian judiciary


The Criminal Court has published the letter sent by the US Ambassador Jess Baily to the President of the Court, Ivan Džolev regarding the “constant, false rumors with indications that the US EMbassy has a goal to influence the judges.”

He said that any suggestion that the USA want to manage with some trial is false.

“I am deeply upset from these constant false rumors, taken into account your dedication to an independent judiciary. In order to help to reveal such false information, please share the content in this letter to your colleagues- the judges, in order for them to see that our position is, and it will remain the same, which means they will be independent in the enforcing of the law and that nothing but the facts and the law mustn’t influence their decisions” said Baily’s letter.

He stressed that the US support and strive for independence of the Macedonian judiciary and that is their message, privately and publicly.

“We belive that the judges should make decisions on basis of current laws and approved evidence, and not on basis of any kind of political evaluations and interventions by any given political or government person. It is our consistent message, both privately and publicly” – said Baily.

The Ambassador also said that he remains dedicated to the cooperation with Džolev and other judges in Macedonia in order for the country to enjoy the gains of a completely independent judiciary, and the rights and the freedoms that depend from the true rule of law.

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