Assembly began the procedure for revocation of mandates of 31 MPs of the opposition SDSM, who didn’t appear even once in the Assembly within six months. On the morning meeting of coordinators of the parliamentary groups, it was agreed to authorize the General Secretary Zharko Denkovski to prepare a report on the presence of MPs on the sessions within seven days, and then submit the report to the Committee on Rules of Procedure and Mandatory-Immunity Issues. Then, the Assembly’s Speaker, Trajko Veljanoski, would put the issue for revocation of the mandates on the agenda. Thus, the procedure is adhered in the Constitution, according to which, a report on the presence of MPs in the Assembly is to be submitted every six months.
SDSM say that the games with dates and ultimatums, the interpretation of the Constitution and the laws are a problem of Veljanovski, VMRO-DPMNE and the ruling majority.
According to Professor Savo Klimovski, one should not seek the consequences of this situation, but the reasons which, according to him, are located in the Constitution itself. He says that we have a different political system from the one that prepared the Constitution, but the Constitution remains the same.
– The Constitution should not be quoted as a result of what is currently happening in the Assembly, but to seek the reasons for the current problems. But, obviously nobody wants to open up the Constitution, because everyone’s afraid – Klimovski said.
If the Assembly is to revoke the mandates of the MPs, they would be offered the following on the list. If an MP does not accept the mandate, others on the list are asked. Once everyone has stated his opinion, by-elections are scheduled, but the law doesn’t establish deadlines.