Hundreds of citizens today all part of the “Colourful Revolution” hurled paint at the Government building, the Ministry of Justice and Parliament where they declared that they do not fear police questioning or the police recording them.

The protest was held under the motto and banner “We have attitude instead of fear”. Activist Renata Jajoska and SDSM MP Lidia Dimova both spoke at the protest.


“We will continue to protest until the illegitimate President withdraws the pardons. We will not allow Gruevski to use the house plant Ivanov, as a scapegoat. We will not allow them to turn the Republic of Macedonia into the Counter-Republic of Macedonia”, said Jajoska.

MP Dimova said that the Government may finally learn something from their ‘informaitve’ chats and police interviews. She spoke of corruption, and that the Government is not only stealing and manipulating but they are killing as well.

Dimova reminded the public of the mysterious suicide of journalist Vlado Tanevski, who died in Prison when he drowned in a bucket of water, and of course, the mysterious death of journalist Nikola Mladenov.