The European Union is following developments regarding the representatives of the Helsinki Committee in Skopje being called for police questioning.

“We are closely following developments, however, we are currently not in a position to comment on individual cases”, said a senior EU official for “Meta”, responding to the police interrogations of the top representatives of the Helsinki Committee and professor Mirjana Najchevska.

The Executive Director of the Helsinki Committee, Uranija Pirovska and Professor Mirjana Najchevska said that today they had received invitations from the MOI to report to “Beko” police station tomorrow to make statements on their participation in the protests. Pirovska, who said she was called because she threw paint at protests, and an “informative” interview will not stop her from protesting.

Professor Najchevska, on the other hand, says she does not know what she will be charged with because she has protested peacefully and has not violated any laws.

Yesterday, the President of the Macedonian Helsinki Committee and well-known law professor Gordan Kalajdziev was also called for a police interview. He was then charged with violating Laws on Public Hygiene for throwing paint. He was given an option of paying a 50 euro fine or community service.