Several months after cleanup, river Vardar’s bank near Trubarevo turned into illegal landfill again [Photo gallery]


Only several months after the City of Skopje intervened at the former location of the Vardarishte landfill, pulling down the illegal gateways along the river Vardar, the river bank starting from Vardarishte toward Trubarevo village, was again tuned into an enormous landfill. Trucks, wagons, and vans are accessing the location using the roads from Lisiche, then passing the iron bridge and through the illegal gateways, they are discharging the waste directly into Vardar’s riverbed.

It’s the location where the future wastewater treatment station for Skopje will be built and which at the moment is filled with all kinds of waste – from construction waste and bags with an unknown type of waste to cloths and furniture and plastic bags with household waste. The waste is thrown everywhere and new illegal discharging trips are a common sight on this location.

On several occasions, Meta.mk wrote about the illegal discharging of waste along the river Vardar starting from Vardarishte and Lisiche through Trubarevo and Jurumleri, toward the remaining settlements at the exit of Skopje, where there are tens of illegal landfills. Meta.mk also informed about the illegal landfill at Vizvegovo that the City of Skopje obliged to clean.


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