SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE in Brussels stand behind their positions


Today in the European Parliament (EP), where she participated on a seminar on political dialogue in the Balkan parliaments, Radmila Shekerinska stated that it is “difficult to talk about the political culture even in Brussels when we know that there is no response to our violent removal from the Assembly. What kind of culture are we talking about if it happens and when in Macedonia every day is clear that a small group of people control the entire judiciary, administration and abuse institutions for their own purposes? European Union (EU) several times sent messages to Macedonia that in order to have democratic process, you should have the rule of law. The recordings that we published and which, unfortunately, failed to penetrate the public service that has the obligation to inform, shows that legal state is fictional term”.

According to the vice-president of SDSM, this conference won’t change anything.

– I do not expect miracles from a conference which is meant for several countries and I do not expect that there will be a change in mood. Government seems like monkeys who don’t see, don’t hear and don’t speak, she said, adding that the country’s affairs can be changed only if the government bore responsibility.

In any country, they would have probably resigned, she observed, citing conversations with diplomats from foreign countries.

– Things in our country are distorted. We’re talking about total control and abuse of police and electoral fraud, and they say it is not a problem. Approximation of attitudes and solving the problem is possible only if some people bear responsibility, and they are in the government, said Shekerinska.

For his part, MP from the ruling VMRO-DPMNE Antonio Miloshoski feels that only the law can decide on resignations, as the one of the public prosecutor.

– The method of appointment and dismissal is reduced to the constitutional order and here is decides who would hold which function. The political struggle allows many means and criticism, insults and humiliation unfortunately, but not illegal means and methods to gain power. If they were allowed, then Assange and Snowden would have been prime ministers or leaders of the opposition, not where they currently are. The level of political struggle in Macedonia, which is tapered, should be reduced to institutional action and it would be best in order to restore trust in the system, said Miloshoski.

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