Nikola Gruevski admitted publically today that the case “Putsch” has been mounted politically and he also admitted that he is afraid of the new special public prosecutor, is the statement that came from SDSM.

“Gruevski’s party news outlet Kurir wrote: ‘Zaev needs a special public prosecutor to free him from Putsch.’ This means that Gruevski knows that there is not going to be a case under that name because he is predicting that the new prosecutor, who hasn’t been selected and named yet, is going to reject the Putsch process. The special public prosecutor is going to receive all cases regarding the recorded phone conversations and their contents . Nikola Gruevski is afraid of that, but he should have worried before he got involved in criminal and corruptive scandals. It is naïve of him to have hoped all this time that Marko Zvrleski is going to cover him forever while in the meantime he will mistreat the citizens of Republic of Macedonia,” says in the announcement by SDSM.

SDSM reiterated that the reordering of the relations in the media is part of the Report of the European Commission expert group lead by Reinhard Priebe.

“Gruevski fears independent media. His fear can be justified because what would he be without the media? But the 2 June/15 July Agreement has been concluded and there is no turning back,” reacted SDSM.