After today’s lifting of the curfew, tomorrow all the restaurants and bars that have open areas will start working again. The working hours of such facilities will be until 20:00. All the protective measures- such as social distancing and wearing protective masks have to be observed.

During today’s press conference, the Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi informed that according to the Protocol produced by the Committee for Infectious Diseases, which consists of three phases of “re-opening” of the catering facilities, this decision by the Government is actually the realization of the second phase.

“We are going to monitor the situation and if the protocols are observed, the third phase will ensue soon – accepting patrons into the closed areas of these facilities, as well. According to Committee’s protocols, up to 4 persons can seat at one table and there will be no limitations whether they can be family members or not,” Bekteshi said.