Reka: For Albania, it is important that Albanians in Macedonia enjoy their rights

Albania has a constitutional obligation to take care of all our fellow compatriots that are living outside the country’s territory. It’s not about interfering in Macedonia’s internal affairs, but consulting with political leaders of the Albanians in Macedonia, said Albanian Ambassador, Fatos Reka, in a weekly interview for “Radio Slobodna Evropa.”

“This platform of the Albanian political parties was concluded by themselves and for the Republic of Albania, it is not important who will be a part of the government or how coalitions will be created. That is an internal affair of the political parties in Macedonia, regardless if they are of Albanian and Macedonian ethnicity. What is important for the Republic of Albania, is the Albanian population who live in Macedonia, to have all of their rights, to live in equality with all other ethnicities including Macedonians”,  said Reka.

He said that the Albanian government is not questioning the political capacity of the Albanian political parties in Macedonia but that those were consultations for unifying the Albanian factor.

When asked why the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati is using the term “Slavo-Macedonians”, Reka said that he probably did it to distinguish Macedonian Albanians and Slavic Macedonians.