Poposki for “La Verità”: Best way to combat foreign interference is the swift formation of Government

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki in an interview with the Italian newspaper “La Verità” says the best way to combat foreign interference is the swift formation of a Government.

“From today, until the end of the month, we will face days which will be crucial for our country. We are ready to become more stable and stronger. Our goal is to join the European Union and NATO. We are a small country and therefore we should make our relations with the EU more stable. When you are outside of the major coalitions and when you are small, it is easy to fall under the influence of external factors. This mostly arises from the lack of stability. Now that we have stability, I am sure that any foreign influences will withdraw. When the government fell in 2015, there was a lot of foreign pressure from players on the international scene and foreign intelligence services. Without counting the foundations and the lobbying from before that, Macedonian civil societies are still being pushed”, said Poposki in an interview with the Italian newspaper.

Poposki told “La Verita” that NGOs are welcome if they carry out activities in support of their host communities, and if they do something else, then they are not welcome.

“The Open Society finances entities who in a non-transparent manner are engaged in politics, and this is unacceptable to us. In fact, these entities result in pressure on the media and inappropriate influence on public opinion. However, above all, they have begun political battles, and by some alleged coincidence, they are always applying pressure in one direction. Always in favour of the Socialist coalition. This, according to us, is destabilizing”, said Poposki.