“Puch” showed that our services were faulty: Who didn’t do his job?


Opposition leader Zoran Zaev published part of the long-heralded “bomb”, presenting tapped conversations of politicians, ministers, journalists and businessmen. He pointed Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and Director of the Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) Sasho Mijalkov as orderers of the illegal wiretaps and again claimed that the materials had been given to him by members of the services – “patriots concerned about the fate of the country”.
In addition, through a series of procedures, and, above all, the action “Puch”, the Government claims that the materials originated from foreign services. Whether domestic patriots or foreign agencies are concerned, the fact is that materials from Macedonian services leaked.
But, is there an actual investigation for the leak, regardless of who commissioned and inspired and, whether there is a procedure for accountability?
MOI say that an investigation is ongoing within the case “Puch”.
– MOI is conducting a thorough and detailed investigation for the crimes espionage and violence against members of the highest state authorities, for which six people are suspected. If we get new information, MOI will take all necessary measures in this case – said MOI spokesman Ivo Kotevski.
Asked whether is there or will be an investigation for possible gaps in services from which information leaked, Kotevski replied: “MOI is already conducting an investigation.”
In this context was the emergence of the footages of the secret meeting between Zaev and Gruevski, in the cabinet of Prime Minister posted on “YouTube”, which can still be watched on the network, and for which none of the competent authorities say who recorded them, on what grounds and for what purpose, nor how they leaked online.
Zaev is talking about thousands of documents, and it is no longer a leak, but can be described as a flood of information overflow. If they went to foreign service or services is even worse, because it means that our services didn’t do their job! They allowed someone to wiretap or monitor high government officials, politicians, public figures and citizens.
– However, the assessment is that confidential information leaked and they are headed to the opposition. Responsibility for it most certainly should be demanded. If it’s confirmed that the materials originate from foreign services, MOI’s duty is to determine responsibility, because intelligence, which should protect them, is part of the ministry. Procedure for liability can be initiated in the Government by discussion in the Assembly, and the public most certainly will demand it – says Pavle Trajanov, MP and former Minister of Interior.

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