Little Tamara from Veles died, who will bear the responsibility ?


This morning, about 6 am, with no signs of life, Tamara from Veles was taken to the Veles general hospital, reports “Telegraf“. The reason for the girl’s death is still unknown.

– The girl was brought to us this morning, about 6 am, with no signs of life. We called for an anesthesiologist, a pediatrician, an attempt to reanimate her was made, but it was unsuccessfully. The exact cause of death has not yet been determined – stated Silvana Mishkova, spokeswoman of Veles general hospital for “Telegraf”.

As the portal reported, according to unofficial information, it is possible that inflammation of the lungs or heart problems occurred.

There is still no reaction from the Ministry of Health, it did not answer to any of the phone calls, nor to our question whether the Minister Nikola Todorov, who on 21st of November said that the state will pay the treatment of the girl, will bear responsibility for the life of Tamara.

At 1 pm, advisor to director of the Health Insurance Fund Branko Adzhigogov will hold a press conference.

Tamara’s parents waited for two and a half months for the bureaucratic procedures about sending the girl to surgery abroad to be completed. Then, the Health Fund waited for an official document from the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, i.e. new consultative opinion. At the time, Tamara’s mother stated for “Telegraf” that she expects the operation to be performed in January and, as initial options, were offered Croatia, Turkey, Germany and the United States. Parents repeatedly warned that the situation is getting worse, that distortion doubled in one year – from 40 percent to 80 percent – that it presses the heart and the lungs and makes additional complications. In mid-January, television “Telma” reported that the Fund waits for the term, the doctor and the hospital where the surgery is to performed, to be determined.

Social networks are overflown will reactions, citizens demand minister Todorov to take responsibility for Tamara’s case.

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