Protest comes to an end over the building of a cross in Butel


The protest against the installation of the Cross in the Municipality of Butel, ended without any incidents, with the setting of tents on the site where a few days ago the cornerstone was.

Along with demonstrators members of the ruling DUI party were present. Izet Mexhiti, the Mayor of the Municipality of Cair said that although the protest was organized by the DUI party, he expressed that the revolt of the Albanians in Macedonia were against placing religious symbols in the middle of the street. He announced that protests will not stop until they withdraw their decision to set-up the 55-metre cross.

“Here we are once again to use our democratic right – expressing our anger as Albanians, Albanian – Muslims, Albanian – Catholics, Albanian – Orthodox, because we believe that this invalid decision in Butel is a provocation to all Albanians in Macedonia. That is why at this protest there are no party flags, although it was organized by the DUI party, but only the Albanian flag, to express anger from all Albanians about this decision because we believe this will provoke ethnic and religious relations in the country”, said Mexhiti.

Afterwards the demonstrators headed to the cornerstone of the cross, broke down the barriers of the space and set up tents, as they annunced they could be be camping their tonight.

The space is covered in Albanian flags, and protesters set fire to one of the palm trees in the enclosure.

After about half an hour, most of the protesters dispersed, and a few remained in their tents.

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