Music, flags, tea and slogans at the “camp” at the foundations for the cross in Butel


With Albanian music playing beside the bonfire, at least fifty mostly young Albanians continue to protest where on Sunday foundations for the cross in Butel were consecrated.

The palm tree which was set alight and the foundations of the cross buried, which is meant to be 55 metres high, are just some signs of minor incidents from last nights protest.
The place remains a campsite, there are two small tents and one large tent. One reporter from “Meta” noted that free

food and drink are being handed out to those camping, as well as tea and coffee.

There are Albanian flags and slogans that read “Albanians, Muslims and Albanian Catholics against the placement of religious symbols”.

The interlocutors we talked to, say they will stay until the decision on building the cross is withdrawn.

“We are not against the building of a church, but we think that the place of a cross is not for here. If there were plans to build a church, there would be no reason to protest. I think this is just a provocation to the Albanians, but we will not allow it. If they want, they can freely build a lion”, says our interlocutor who insisted they remain anonymous.

According to the interlocutors, the protest is not political, but has members from different political parties. They say they will not give up their intentions to stop a cross from being built in this space.

A group of demonstrators led by the DUI party’s leadership yesterday protested in Butel where the cornerstone was placed for the cross. They pulled down the entire fenced area around the foundation and set up tents and Albanian flags.


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