Phantom voters, dead souls, and packed apartments on the Electoral List


A string of irregularities have been discovered while citizens were checking their personal data on the voters’ list through the web application which has been available since yesterday on the official website of the State Election Committee.
Citizens have turned to the social networks, saying that people they do not know are registered as living at their addresses. The list includes deceased people, people who have left Macedonia years ago. In addition to that, other irregularities have been noticed, such as fictional entrances to buildings, apartments, abandoned houses, 50-60 people registered to one apartment and old names of streets.
On the social network “Twitter” the hashtag #SePoSpisok (meaning everything on the list) which is being used to expose the irregularities the citizens have discovered on the list.
The most common mistakes people have picked up on the list, is that streets from Maksim Gorki, Dimche Mirchv, Vasil Gorgov and Kiro Krstevski-Platnik in the centre of Skopje, most apartments have an average of 60 people registered to them.

All irregularities can be reported to the SEC, who are the only institution responsible for registration, as well as adding and deleting voters from the voters list at the request of a citizen.

Under the new Electoral Code adopted in 2015, citizens can check the electoral register in three ways, either through ones personal identification number, or by name and surname, or by address.

Article 10
28-v) It provides electronic access to voter lists in accordance with the regulations on protection of personal data;
28-g) The State Election Commission shall publish the electoral roll on its own website, and with the following information: name, surname and address of the voter. Every citizen has the right to apply to the State Election Commission have their address removed from the electoral roll for safety reasons.
28-d) Once a month, the State Election Commission will update the voter list on the basis of notifications of changes of data from citizens. Every six months the SEC will publicly call upon citizens to inspect their data and if they consider it necessary, they can require amendments to their personal data.

About the dozens of people enrolled on the voter lists in the same apartment, the same topic was discussed in the seventh “bomb”, published by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev. The conversation, as stated by the leader of the opposition, is between former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska and Martin Protoger, Chief of Staff to former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

GJ: Merdano.
MP: A circus then, eh?
GJ: Riste will tell us whats going on from the polling station. Someone from the SDSM keeps getting verbal and aggressive , and she keeps acting up and hitting the radiator. The little people go and vote and don’t say a thing. They just nod their heads. There was one mad cop and he kept yelling, ma’am … move back. You know it’s a real madhouse down there, but the people are voting. Hahahahah
MP: At least the people are voting without incident or obstruction.
GJ: I would love to see what she looks like hitting the radiator, and she even said to Riste, I know you, I’ll show you.
MP: Hahahahah
GJ: And she knows him, and where he works.
MP: Yes, yes, yes.
GJ: It’s a circus, like Merdano.
MP: That’s crazy, but its going well, it’s going well
GJ: These people are voting, these little people are actually voting. This is all secondary information I’m telling you. All the fools have been sent their to intervene.
MP: That’s great.
GJ: There has been provocations, and lots of nonsense, but most importantly the little people are holding hands, they go and vote, with a zip on their mouths
MP: Hahahaha.
GJ: Then they recorded peoples hands and where they were going, and then it was published on “Libertas” or something like that. A circus, it’s really a madhouse. We now have to get organised, and at seven come out and tell everyone that everything went well, fair, democratic, without complaints, apart from those in Struga, we’ll leave them some space.
MP: Yes, yes, yes, for Struga we will leave them space. Alright.
GJ: As for everything else, we’ve declared victory.
MP: Yes, yes, yes. Great, great, great.
GJ: Ok, Bye.
MP: Bye.

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