PRO server for changing password is down, citizens unable to check tax returns

Taxpayers, who have registered with the “e-personal tax” system should log into their user accounts and have until the end of the May deadline to confirm or correct the completed Annual Tax Return.

However, today the system has had difficulties working. There is a server problem, because as citizens try to change their password, the system shows a mistake. Because they do not know their old password, they can not receive a new one and therefore can not enter and check their status.

“Until the expiration of the final legal deadline, citizens may change the status of the application, ie to confirm or correct it until the expiry of the deadline on 31 May, 2019. After the expiration of the legal deadline of 1.6.2019, annual tax returns will receive the status of final tax returns, according to the latest status of the Annual Tax Return – verified or corrected”, said the Public Revenue Office (PRO).

Tax returns that citizens do not confirm or correct will be officially confirmed by the PRO on June 1. Applications where citizens intervened should then be approved by the PRO. If the PRO does not confirm the entered data from the citizen, then it will adopt a decision for determining personal income tax for 2018.