NGOs ask that the government and institutions review the work of Tanturovski and DKSK

The government and the institutions must check the basis of these inspections on NGOs and investigate misconduct of political pressure and discrimination of all concerned officers who are part of this persecution. Today the 22 civil organizations and foundations asked again, who in the past six months have had inspections from the Public Revenue Office (PRO) and the Financial Police initiated by the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (DKSK).

The organizations say they are appalled by the statements by the President of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Igor Tanturovski, in which, according to them, it shows total ignorance of the manner of their functioning and their work.

“If they were better acquainted with the work of NGOs then Tanturovski will know that every domestic and foreign donor who decided to support a project and gave financial support to a nongovernmental are under rules which dictate that grant recipients are obliged to prepare detailed monthly, quarterly and annual narrative and financial reports . That is how you monitor the spending of money by the grantees. In addition at the end of projects, organizations often engage external auditors whose review all details in controlling the method of spending. Tanturovski and his anti- corruption officials as a state body have ways to check if funds are questionable, therefore they should not harass organizations. The Anti Corruption Commission just need to take the data from the Central Registry or the Public Revenue Office where all projects are recorded to check the work, rather than initiating months of inspections that cost money to organizations and citizens, “reads the joint statement by 22 NGOs .

NGOs say it’s funny and Tanturovski statement shows “he is afraid of the money for terrorism coming into Macedonia through civil organizations and foundations.”