Police searching for three attackers involved in a fight in Lopate, Kumanovo region


Two brothers and another unidentified person attacked and severely beat up three persons last night in the Kumanovo village of Lopate. The victims were taken to the medical center in Kumanovo.

The incident that happened around 19:45 was preceded by a verbal altercation between the brothers and the persons who were later attacked. According to police information, the brothers F. A. (33) and F. A. (30) and another person who has not been identified, drove a vehicle Volkswagen Vento to block the road to another vehicle, Volkswagen Sharan with Austrian plates, that was occupied by V. Z. (18), his brother F. Z. (18) and R. A. (20). The attackers left their vehicle and immediately began to hit the passenger side window of the other car with the handle of a gun. At that moment V. Z., who was behind the wheel, tried to escape but in the attempt hit a fence. The attackers descended on the victims which resulted in injuries. One in the group that was taken to the hospital had suffered a head trauma of a blunt object.

The Police Department of Kumanovo investigated the incident and are still searching for the three attackers.

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