Andrea, North Macedonia’s contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, will perform tonight in the second semifinal. At number 11, the song “Circles” will be performed in “PalaOlimpico” in Turin, Italy. According to the announcement and the video from the rehearsals, Andrea will perform alone.

Out of today’s 18 qualifiers, only 10 will be selected for the finals on Saturday. According to the betting sites, North Macedonia has the smallest chance of winning the Eurovision Song Contest while the chances of reaching the finals were estimated to be approximately 9%.

Otherwise, after the incident when Andrea threw away the North Macedonia national flag from the stage in Turin, sparking fierce reactions in the public, the Macedonian Radio Television (MRT) announced that it will consider the option of total withdrawal of North Macedonia from future Eurovision Song Contests.

The big Eurovision finale will take place this Saturday, from 21 h, when a total of 35 countries will vie for victory.