Parliament will continue to work after the elections, Xhaferi wished for a peaceful and successful campaign


After the break at 15:00, Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi, interrupted the 15th session while the Law on the Use of Languages was being discussed, and therefore terminated the work of the Parliament until local elections on October 15th.

Xhaferi said he is fulfilling the promise that during the election campaign, which begins on Monday, Parliament will not work to prevent any influence on voters from the parliamentary rostrum.

“After six days of fruitful and successful debate, I decided that we will have a break. As I announced, Parliament worked until the start of the election campaign for the local elections”, Xhaferi added.

He wished for a peaceful and successful pre-election campaign for all participants involved. He congratulated those in advance who will win mandates and wished successful and fruitful work after the elections.

After a six-day debate, the 15th session on the Law on the Use of Languages will continue after the local elections.

“As a result of the debate, it turned out that for the interest of the citizens, or should I say, part of the citizens, that there is a need for adopting the appropriate law that is regular procedure, which I hope will continue with a successful, fruitful and constructive debate”, said Xhaferi.

The debate on this item in the previous continuations of the session took place in a tense atmosphere, as MPs of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE believe that the law is unconstitutional, that it is the result of a political agreement of the ruling coalition and that there are no arguments for the law to be marked with a European flag.

However, from the ruling SDSM, they say that the proposed Law on the Use of Languages is not unconstitutional, but in accordance with Article 5 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, and promotes the use of all languages of non-majority communities and opens a chance to build a society for all.

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