Parliament today will elect members of the SEC


Today at 11 o’clock in Parliament a session will be held by the Commission on Elections and Appointments, where they will determine a draft decision on the election of a President, Vice President and members of the State Election Commission.

After this commission session, it is expected that a plenary session will be held, which will appoint the new members of the SEC.

The party leaders all signatories to the Przhino Agreement in a joint written statement, yesterday welcomed the agreement on the full composition of the SEC and called on Parliament to designate Redzep Prekopuca, Atanas Urumov and Aleksander Chickovski as independent experts in the SEC.

“We invite Parliament to finalize the necessary procedures as quickly as possible in order for the Commission to start its work and to undertake their duties to prepare credible elections and to contribute to creating equal conditions in the period running up to the elections. We call on all state institutions to fully support the Commission in this difficult task. We urge the Commission to adopt the necessary decisions on issues such as staff, including professional and highly qualified General Secretary to oversee methods for the verification of voter lists and establish procedures to check for determine election complaints, based on legal principles, without political influence”, said the statement.

Political leaders also called on citizens to report any irregularities to the SEC and other relevant official departments with powers such as the Ombudsman.

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