Apart from ‘Putsch’, Janeva is expected to answer whether she will take on cases ‘Rover’, ‘Divo Naselje’, ‘Spjun’, ‘Monstrum’, and ‘Telekom’


The requests in the past three months which have been sent to the Special Prosecutor, Katica Janeva, have now amounted to all cases which have been controversial to the public, and are now arriving on her desk through official channels.

Defence attorneys in the cases of “Rover”, “Divo Naselje” and “Spjun” demand for these cases to be over taken by the Special Prosecutor.

“The defence in the case “Rover” submitted certain materials, which are still under consideration and analysis, given that, the past priority was to precisely establish jurisdiction over cases already submitted. Now the Special Prosecutor has received requests for the cases “Divo Naselje” and “Spjun”.
“For dealing with all of these cases, we will notify you”, said Javena’s Cabinet, the day before yesterday.

The requests for taking on cases which have been sent to the Special Prosecutor such as “Monstrum” even came from the Justice Minister Adnan Jashari.

“The cases that are known across the country and are of ethnic character, such as “Sopot”, “Monster” and others, in a way, because of their impact on the public, need to be settled and resolved as soon as possible to avoid public opinion that these particular cases were fixed or were not fixed. It is important that such an opinion does not exist within the public, because it is important to prove that there outcomes were not influenced because of political decisions or the lack of them. The Special Prosecutor, in principle, based on the information she has, is obliged to initiate a procedure and go through with these cases to the end”, read the statement by Minister Jashari which was reported on TV “Alsat M”.

The Liberal Democratic Party yesterday appealed to the Special Prosecutor’s Office to urgently review “Monstrum” and to take the into their own jurisdiction and responsibility. The party consider that “a real investigation of the judicial case “Monstrum” from the Special Public Prosecutor would be an indication that the implementation of the Przhino Agreement is being fulfilled”.

The Liberal Party also called for the Special Prosecutor to prosecute the case “Magyar Telekom”.

“Considering that the documentation on the case which was available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for at least for two terms, and in this time was not an open procedure, we urge the Special Prosecutor to prosecute the case ‘Magyar Telekom’”, said the Liberal Party just after the election of Katica Janeva as Special Prosecutor back in September.

From the Movement for Reform by the DPA, they require the Public Prosecutor to correctly resolve sensitive cases of crimes and corruption present in politics.

“Because it is part of the agreement reached in the presence of international representatives, we welcome the choice of the Special Prosecutor and we wish her success in her work. We ask that the cases of Albanian political officials, and Presidents of Albanian parties related to corruption affairs be handled, as it is an indicator of wealth created by politics”, urged the Movement for Reform by the DPA.

Analyst Sotir Kostov on the TV show “Top-theme” on TV “Telma”, said that the Special Prosecutor should solve all the cases that have not been resolved since 1994.

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